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02/11 The S Graph

15/04 Jacobs Measure Chart

19/01 SAAMI 284Win

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13/08 Jericho alloy trakker

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07/06 Barrel cleaning

09/05 Parts Screws

05/03 Parts Rifle

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Welcome to our Web site. Triple J Imports started as a sole proprietory in 1986. We are Distributors and Agents for Fullbore & Smallbore Rifle Shooting products and services. Following the links from this page will assist you to learn more of our products.

Triple J Imports is the Australian Distributor for Rangemaster Precision Arms (RPA) rifles and sights, Border and Archer barrels, Centra iris sights, JG.Anschutz accessories, Jacobs gloves & coats and Jericho Alloy stocks.

Triple J also supply Vixen scopes, Riles sights, Iosso cleaning products, Boretech Eliminator and cleaning cloth.

Runouts, Closes and Used equipment sold on eBay.

Business Hours are 9-5pm week-days. Email is the preferred means of communication.

We have a new email address for all general inquiries, please click on the link.

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17/04 Jacobs Cardigan

17/04 Jacobs Long Cap

05/03 Jacobs Polo Shirt

05/03 Diamond tool for cocking pin

08/02 Round Quadlite

21/11 Trigger lever modification

01/11 Boretech proof jag

23/10 RPA picatinny rail

03/07 Junior Jackets